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Valley Forge

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Valley Forge was the winter home of George Washington's Headquarters for the Continental Army in the winter of  .  It is from here that they launched the famous surprise attack on the Hessians at Trenton on Christmas Day.  This is also where General Von Stueben turned the ragged Continental Army into an effective fighting force by drilling and training them.   Use the links below to learn more about Valley Forge and what happened there.


Historic Valley Forge website


Valley Forge National Historical Park


A Letter From Valley Forge:  Winter 1777-1778


The Story of Valley Forge

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These 3  pictures below give you a good idea of how small these huts were.  Each hut held 12 men.  As you can see from Dean standing in front of the hut, they were not all that big.



The interior of these primitive huts can be seen in the two pictures below.



Artillery Park                                                                                      Statue of General Von Stueben


Washington's Headquarters at Valley Forge

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